TIPS 12 stress

Steps to a healthier working environment #12

Everybody suffers from stress. So, it’s time that we learn how to cope with stress...

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rookbeleid / smoking policy

Smoking policy for your company

Employees have the right to work in a smoke-free environment since 2006. Employees were obligated...

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The employer
De werknemer/The employer

Steps to a healthier working environment #11

It’s important that you give the right example for your employees as an employer. If...

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Bike to work / fiets

Bike to work!

There’s more and more traffic jam. Some of us are more than an hour on...

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TIPS 10 - the employee
The employee

Steps to a healthier working environment #10

Stress, fatigue, no energy, … We all recognize this as we started working full time....

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teamsfeer /team spirit

SOS team spirit? Tips for a better team!

There are different types of factors which contribute to happy employees within companies. Two of...

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