Steps to a healthier working environment #15

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Steps to a healthier working environment #15

Niet enkel voeding, beweging en het gedrag van werknemers en –gevers hebben een invloed op geluk en gezondheid op het werk. De werkomgeving speelt er ook een zeer grote rol in. Een leuke werkomgeving en –sfeer motiveert de medewerkers om beter te werken, verhoogt de productiviteit en verlaagt het verloop.

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

1. Walking desk

We’ve already told you about how you can combine work and moving with the Desk Bike. For those who aren’t a big cycling fan, there’s another solution. There are also walking desks right now! These are a combination of a standing desk and a treadmill. Don’t worry you don’t have to go full speed and start to pull sprints. You can just walk while you’re reading e-mails or telephoning.

The walking desk is the perfect solution for those who don’t move enough during their working day. When you just exercise (read “walk”) 30 minutes more on the walking desk, you’ll get enough movement for the day!


2. Lounge

Most offices are only equipped with working space. But relaxation is also necessary when you want healthy and happy employees. So why won’t we install a lounge in our office? This lounge can be a place where your employees can cool down after a heavy meeting or can relax together after a work week. It’s also an ideal place to hold an after-work drink to improve your team atmosphere!


3. The environment

In previous blogposts, we’ve already mentioned how important the working environment is to keep your employees happy and healthy. One of the biggest influence on this environment, an influence we often don’t think about, is the quality of the air and lightning.

Our brains need fresh air to function properly. The fresh air will make sure that you can think and work better. So, it’s import that you vent your room regularly. Also, the right choice of carpets and the upholstery of the furniture can influence the quality of the air.

Did you know that plenty of daylight can improve your humor? So, don’t let your boss hide you in a dark cage. Ask for rooms where there are plenty of windows. And if your office is still too dark, then ask for extra desk lamps. Because working in a dark room can make your eyes suffer. And we don’t want to wear glasses if it isn’t necessary, right?

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