Mental well-being of employees


Mental well-being of employees

As an employer, you bear responsibility for your employees. One of your tasks is to guard their mental well-being. But what can you do to influence their mental well-being?

Workability of work

A few examples of mental damage which employees can have are stress, burn-out and depression. Often these go hand in hand with physical problems like sleeping problems, hypertension, constant headache, …
In a company, there are several factors which influence the mental and physical well-being of the employees. Job content, colleagues, working conditions, the environment, work pressure, … affect how someone feels while their doing their job. The combination of this factors is called the workability of work.

Mental well-being of employees

When employees are feeling mentally good and are happy, there will be some big positive consequences. First, the employees will feel better and will be healthier. Secondly, the enterprises will reap the benefits. There will be less absence, employees will perform better and the productivity will increase. This will all lead to cost saving for the employers. Sounds good, right?

Hoe de mentale gezondheid in jouw onderneming verhogen?

There are several things you can do to boost the mental well-being. First, you can take some organizational measures like reducing the work pressure and improving the working environment.
Secondly, you can also take some individual measures to improve the mental well-being. You can draw up an action plan. This will ensure that the employee will get to know himself and his colleagues better. Throughout this action plan you’ll deal with the following issues:

Personal drive Where does the employer gets his energy from?
Know yourself What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Relationship between coworkers Developing the right communication means.
Take care of yourself Discover what you need to reduce stress, …
Personal challenge Try something new and develop yourself.
Future What can the employee do for their personal development in the future?

When you walk through these issues, you’ll get a better insight of what the employees need to improve the mental well-being and to feel happy at work.

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