Is working 9-to-5 out dated?


Is working 9-to-5 out dated?

Most enterprises work with a working schedule of 8 hours a day. But is this fixed pattern still applicable nowadays?

Focus on being productive, instead of being busy.

Where does the 8-hours working day come from?

Structure your working day!

A recent study has shown that the number of working hours aren’t of importance for the productivity of the employees. To be productive during your working day, you need to structure your day. An example from the study is that employees, who swear loyalty to shorts breaks instead of long working hours, are more productive than their coworkers.
It would be ideal if we work during a small hour and then take a 15-minute break. This is due to our brain. Our brain can only work intensively during one hour. This hour is followed by a short dip. This dip lasts 15 to 20 minutes and makes sure that we cannot focus properly.

Pauze nemen werkt!

People who succeed in applying the working rhythm of the brain in their working day, will triumph in achieving a unique level of concentration. During a period of a small hour, they can focus their selves 100% on their tasks. They will perform their tasks better and be more productive. Because, they can focus like this, they won’t be distracted by external incentives.
From the moment that these employees feel that their concentration decreases and they feel tired, they will take a break. During this break, they will not deal with anything work related. This is how they ensure that their “batteries” will be completely charged. So, they can get back to work with full concentration.
So, you see that if you work hard during a small amount of time and taking the necessary breaks, you’ll get more done than during a long working day. Thus, make a small stroll to your colleagues, get some fresh air, … during your breaks and your productivity will get an enormous boost!
Like the publicity from Royco always says: “Invest in breaks, because, taking a break works!”.

Source: Forbes