Healthy snacks at work?

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Healthy snacks at work?

Living Stories is known for offering healthy snacks at work, but which snacks are healthy? People often only think of fruit and vegetables when they talk about healthy snack. But there are more tasty snacks which are good for your health and body!

Live happy, snack healthy!

Why choose a healthy snack?

You need a continuous energy during a working day to perform good. You can get this energy from eating a few healthy snacks between your main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day. Your body transforms the energy, which you’ll get from food, into glucose and this glucose is essential to make your brain work.

A healthy snack can help you prevent a slump in the afternoon. We often feel a bit weak and dull after our lunch. A healthy snack can give a renewed energy to finish your working day.


Wat zijn gezonde snacks?

without added sugars and preservatives. We’ve chosen these snacks because we only want to give our body the substances that it needs.

People also often think that snacks with sugars aren’t good. But it doesn’t hurt if they are natural sugars. Natural sugars give you the continuous and long-lasting energy that you’ll need to survive a working day.

We also choose many snacks which are made of nuts and seeds. These are good for your digestion and decrease the chance of heart failure and vascular diseases.

Finally, we opt for just as good and tasty snacks as the standard snack that everyone loves. For example, we have tasty and healthy crisps, popcorn and chocolate in our range.
You see. Choosing healthy snacks doesn’t have to mean that you cannot have a broad range and that they can’t be tasty. You can have a wide variety of healthy snacks!