Mental well-being of employees

As an employer, you bear responsibility for your employees. One of your tasks is to guard their mental well-being. But what can you do to influence their mental well-being? Workability of work A few examples of mental damage which employees can have are stress, burn-out and depression. Often these go hand in hand with physical problems like sleeping problems, hypertension,…


Is working 9-to-5 out dated?

Most enterprises work with a working schedule of 8 hours a day. But is this fixed pattern still applicable nowadays? Focus on being productive, instead of being busy. Where does the 8-hours working day come from?

Actualiteit/Healthy snacks/Topicality

Healthy snacks at work?

Living Stories is known for offering healthy snacks at work, but which snacks are healthy? People often only think of fruit and vegetables when they talk about healthy snack. But there are more tasty snacks which are good for your health and body! Live happy, snack healthy! Why choose a healthy snack? You need a continuous energy during a working…


SOS team spirit? Tips for a better team!

There are different types of factors which contribute to happy employees within companies. Two of the most important factors that influence this happiness are the colleagues and team spirit. Colleagues and working environment are matters that employees face daily, so it should fit right to feel happy. One team, one spirit, big succes! Team spirit? An inspiring atmosphere and…


Chief Happiness Officer

Happiness at work is nowadays more trending than ever. Our society is more and more concerned about how they feel at their work and if their job contributes to their happiness. Therefore are a good salary and bonuses not enough anymore to keep a job. As a result, we expect that the enterprises have a share in the work happiness…


10.000 steps a day

Does the Flemish population move enough? Almost half of the Flemish people move too little or don’t move at all during a workweek. It has even become so bad that about 30% of the people, who live approximately less than 5km from their work, goes to work by car. The hurdle to work out is thus too high. It has…


Burn-out: how can you recognize the symptoms?

People are more and more talking about stress, weariness, feeling unhappy at their job and burn-outs. About halve of the Flemish people fear that they will get a burnout due to excessive workload. But what is a burnout precisely, how can you recognise the symptoms and what can the employer do to prevent burnouts in his company? What is…


Google: a trendsetter in happiness at work

Fun colors, slides instead of stairs, indoor lawns, beanbags, … Everything you could think of for a fun working place, you’ll find at the Google-offices. It’s a progressive company which doesn’t stand still. It looks fan-tas-tic to work at Google for the outside world, but how is it in reality? Some (ex-)employees of Google are telling their stories. Google: a…


TED Conference – The Sitting Generation

In February, the issue concerning employment and health was raised at the TED conference. The majority of the working population spends its days sitting. We sit more than 9 hours a day on average. These are more hours compared to when we sleep at night. But do we even consider the consequences of sitting all day? Watch her story through…


No Talk Tuesday

Half of the working population feels like they can’t fulfill their daily tasks. One of the reason why employees feel this way is because of all the distractions nowadays. We’re talking about digital and nondigital stimuli. Social media, e-mail, cell phones. But also colleagues who love to chat now and then distract the employees from working. Employees are nowadays asking…