Steps to a healthier working environment #13

Nutrition is one of the main things that our body needs. It gives us the energy we need to get through our working day. But we often choose an easy and unhealthy option, because we don’t have much time to cook. We want to show you that it doesn’t have to be hard to use a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food…


Steps to a healthier working environment #7

It’s important to have healthy eating habits to get through the working day! We know, all of us are very busy and have to much work. But taking a lunchbreak and eating healthy snacks, can make a difference on how you survive your working day. Living Stories gives you some tips to live a happier working life. Healthy eating habits,…


Steps to a healthier working environment #1

Living Stories wants to help you to endure your working day with the blog: ‘Steps to a healthier working environment’. We’ll give you a weekly update with tips and tricks that can make your work environment more healthier and enjoyable! Healthy food at all times, even at work. Yeah, your working day can sometimes be tiring, boring or even annoying….